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Office HQ:
151 W. Galvani Rd. Suite 150
Meridian, ID 83642
California Office:
220 18th St.
Bakersfield, CA 93301

© 2016 Nexus 3D Consulting LLC

Experts in Reality Capture Solutions.

Land Surveying (CA)

BIM / VDC Services

Here's how we help our clients

* Licenced in California
Training/Consulting/Department Building
Industries we have served..
Who we work for..

• Oil & Gas
• Transportation
• Forensic

• Construction
• Architectural

• Structural

• Civil / Survey

• Multi-Story Buildings

• High-Rise Interiors
• Distribution Centers
• Construction Defect Investigation

• Nuclear Plants
• Historic Preservation

• Movie Sets

  • General Contractors
  • Surveyors
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Construction
  • Forensic / Construction Defect
  • Legal / Insurance / Lawyers
Since 2016 we've collaborated on over 350 projects in over 30 States!
We strive for the fastest response time across the US, excellent quality in every deliverable, and competitive prices.
We have a passion for excellent customer service, and promise to prove it.
We do our best to go above and beyond on every project. Period.
Our Network of 3D Specialists
We have strategic partnerships in place that allow us to pull in extra resources on an as-needed basis.  This allows us to complete projects no matter the location, size, or industry!  We have the nations largest network of Reality Capture Professionals!
We have the experience and manpower ready to take on any 3D Project.
Are you a Reality Capture Service Provider?
Interested in joining our network? Learn More Here
Nexus 3D Consulting's Network of Specalists

Kevin Place

Attorney at Archer Norris


I retained Matt as a defense expert witness in a high exposure property damage case involving a $15M property in Hollywood Hills. He prepared 3D scans and animations to assist in our case, and did an exceptional job. He was responsive and his work product was top notch. He gets my highest recommendation.

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