3D Laser Scanning

The laser scanner sits on a tripod and rotates 360 degrees, capturing 1 million measurements per second on everything it can see from a single position. We traverse the scanner through a job site multiple times, making sure we capture all data required for each project and its scope, from buildings and structures, to oil & gas facilities and crime scenes, there are many applications.

Once all field work is complete, we take all the data back to the office and begin the processing & scan registration, which stitches all of the individual scans together, into one unified 3D point cloud.

Once the point cloud is created we can utilize it to create as-built 2D/3D Documents such as CAD drawings, 3D Models in Revit, CAD, Plant3D, and more..

UAV Operations

Our team has experience using UAV / Drones to capture existing conditions of a site, processing the photos into an orthographic image and mesh model, creating planimetrics and surface drawings, volumetric analysis and more..

Our network has the ability to be on site quickly, perform the field collection, processing, and have deliverables turned around in a matter of days..

Scan Registration and Processing

Years of scan registration and processing experience has allowed us to create workflows that increase our processing efficiency, while maintaining high quality results. We utilize Top of the line custom desktops that are built for major data processing. 


We have an in-depth knowledge of conventional survey control, how it should be applied to your project, and the integration of the control during registration. This allows us to add an increased level of accuracy when the project requires it.

3D Modeling (From Point Clouds)
Utilizing the point cloud produced from laser scanning, we can create detailed, accurate,  as-built 3d models. This applies to many industries, and the deliverable output can be specific to meet your needs!
  • AutoCAD 
  • Plant 3D
  • Cadworx
  • PDMS
  • Civil 3D
  • Structural
  • Architecural
  • MEP
  • Ground Surface / TIN
  • and more...
2D Drafting (From Point Clouds)

Many clients still want to see 2D Deliverables. As nice as 3D Models might be, sometimes you need 2D Floor plans, Isometrics, in CAD and PDF Formats.. We utilize the point cloud and multiple software packages to create deliverables such as....

  • Piping Isometrics
  • Floor plans
  • Topographic Drawings
  • Sections Views
  • Profiles Views
  • Elevation Views
  • Orthophotos
  • Site Plan Drawings
  • Spot Elevations
  • Deformation Analysis
  • and more...

Surveying is not just a requirement but also essential in the planning and execution of virtually every form of construction.  A licensed surveyor is the only person legally permitted to undertake a surveying project.

In addition to traditional surveying methods, our licensed surveyors can incorporate LiDAR and UAV support to give you a complete overview of your project.  This will reduce rework days, timelines, and budgets.

Surveying can be applied to many industries...

  • New Construction

  • Renovations

  • Zoning Reports

  • Property Condition Reports

  • Site evaluations

  • Elevations

  • As-builts

  • More...

Can make referrals for other states
* Licenced in California
Training and Support

Apart from providing the above services to our clients, we also help with firms that are looking to grow these services in their own company by firm-wide presentations to educate the sales team, project managers, executives, and the team that will be performing the services. We do this through video webinars and virtual training, on site training, field workflow process training, office processing workflows, educating on the use cases for the technology, methods used to find and capture work for these services, and more. We then get specific to your company and usecase, and make sure we tailor the training to meet your needs and Ideal project types.

Not only can we help get you get up and going with these services, we also provide scanners for you to rent to get you started on an affordable path, along with back end office support if you need help processing data or creating deliverables. This allows you to get started with the help of our industry knowledge, technical experience, hardware, software, and technicians! You can then continue to take on more of the process and you grow and add staff, but our growth method lets you get started immediately!

Contact us to learn more about this opportunity! 

  • Company Education
  • Technology and project use case applications
  • Marketing and business development 
  • Faro laser scanner workflow
  • Field capture best practices
  • Targeting > Targetless workflows for field and office.
  • Scan processing and Registration (Faro Scene)
  • Project Management for 3D Scan Projects
  • Improving Workflows
  • How to integrate Survey Control. (Why, When, How)
  • Cleaning and Converting Data
  • and more!...
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