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Some project deliverable packages require 2D documents along with survey, laser scanning, or modeling deliverables.  Nexus 3D Consulting supports drafting and analysis from traditional survey data, laser scan point cloud files, or UAV processed data.


2D documents may vary depending on the industry and type of project from a full set of as-built drawing plans with proper CAD standards to PDF reports showing annotations and measurements. The quality and accuracy results  will differ depending on the method used for collection of the data.

Types of 2D deliverables


  • ALTAs

  • Deviation analysis report

  • Floor flatness report

  • Floor plan

  • Reflected ceiling plan

  • Section and elevation

  • Topographic drawing

  • Volumetric report


2D Drafting deliverables


We most commonly deliver 2D drawings in AutoCAD DWG format and / or PDF documents.

Floor flatness study of concrete slab using a point cloud after laser scanning
As-built CAD drawing created from point clouds of a cathedral dome
Civil 3D topographic drawing layered on an UAV image
Civil 3D topographic drawing layered on an AutoCAD Civil 3D drawing for an ALTA survey image
As-built CAD drawing layered on a UAV image
UAV image layered with a point cloud and a Civil 3D topographic map
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