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Office HQ:
151 W. Galvani Rd. Suite 150
Meridian, ID 83642
California Office:
220 18th St.
Bakersfield, CA 93301

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We Support

a wide variety of industries, companies, and other service providers by offering additional support on an as-needed basis.  Some firms come to us when they need help on a complex project while others treat us as an in-house 3D department.  Regardless of the situation, we are your 3D experts!

Our Services

3D Laser Scanning

Scan Processing

and Registration

UAV / Drone Operations


The laser scanner sits on a tripod and rotates 360 degrees, capturing 1 million measurements per second on everything it...more

Years of scan registration and processing experience has allowed us to create workflows that increase our processing...more

Our team has experience using UAV / Drones to capture existing conditions of a site, processing the photos into an orthographic...more

Surveying is not just a requirement but also essential in the planning and execution of virtually every form of construction...more

3D Modeling

2D Modeling

Training and Support

Utilizing the point cloud produced from laser scanning, we can create detailed, accurate,  as-built 3d models. This applies to...more

Many clients still want to see 2D Deliverables. As nice as 3D Models might be, sometimes you need 2D Floor plans, Isometrics, in...more

Apart from providing the above services to our clients, we also help with firms that are looking to grow these services in their...more