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Nexus 3D Consulting was asked to assist on an oil and gas facility expansion project in Texas. The expansion plan for this facility included tying new equipment and piping into existing systems, and there was no existing documentation of the facility. The project managers needed accurate 3D as-built records to help the design and fabrication progress smoothly. 


Our team performed 3D laser scanning with a terrestrial laser scanner to capture the entire facility, including all equipment, piping networks, flange locations, ground surfaces, and steel supports.

The point cloud data was used by our data processing team to create an existing conditions model in AutoCAD Plant 3D. The 360° images that were taken from the scanner were used to create virtual site walks for the design team members that were not local to the project location.

Equipment Used to Capture Data:

  • Terrestrial laser scanner

  • Total Station


Deliverable for this Project:


  • As-built of entire facility existing conditions, created using AutoCAD Plant 3D

  • Site walkthroughs using 360° images

AutoCAD Plant 3D Model

AutoCAD Plant 3D Model

Faro Laser Scanner at oil and gas facility

Faro Laser Scanner at oil and gas facility

Point cloud elevation view

Point cloud elevation view

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