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The Breakers Hotel is a historic landmark in Long Beach, California. The beautiful, oceanfront resort was built in 1926, but has recently served as a care facility. The building is under renovation to restore it to its original purpose: a hotel. 


Nexus 3D Consulting became involved in the renovation process, collecting survey and scanning data on the existing building. Utilizing a traditional land surveying total station and a terrestrial laser scanner, the Nexus 3D Consulting team captured data on 16 interior levels, including the basement and penthouse. Scans were also taken of the exterior facades and roof using UAV LiDAR. In total, more than 1300 scans were collected.


The collected point cloud data was used by our data processing team to create an as-built Revit model for the renovation design team.

The panoramic images that were collected were used to create virtual walkthroughs, elevation checks, and annotations. Having the accurate, digital data allowed the architects and designers to avoid traveling to the site for every question or discrepancy. 

Equipment Used to Capture Data:


  • Total station and traditional land surveying control network

  • Terrestrial laser scanner

  • UAV LiDAR 


Deliverable for this Project:

  • As-built of entire building existing conditions, created using Autodesk Revit

  • Site walkthroughs using 360° images

Breakers Ext.JPG
Point Clouds per floor 2.JPG
Laser scanning construction site at Breakers Hotel
Exterior As-built Revit model
Ground and Lidar 2.JPG
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