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Office HQ:
151 W. Galvani Rd. Suite 150
Meridian, ID 83642
California Office:
220 18th St.
Bakersfield, CA 93301

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3D Laser


Stand out by embracing 3D laser scanning!

By implementing Reality Capture Solutions, our clients are finding reduced cost, reduce project schedules, impressive visual project material, and overall a better process for their projects!

Applications for laser scanning include...

  • Architecture

  • Construction

  • Engineering

  • Civil/Survey

  • Utilities

  • Plants and Facilities

  • Forensics

  • and more!

We offer a multitude of services!

  • Infrastructure

  • Construction QC/QM

  • Pipe Modeling

  • Deformation Analysis

  • Volume Calculations

  • and more!

  • Scan-to-BIM

  • Surface Analysis

  • Clash Detection

  • Facade

  • Project Site Survey

The laser scanner sits on a tripod and rotates 360 degrees, capturing 1 million measurements per second on everything it can see from a single position. We traverse the scanner through a job site multiple times, making sure we capture all data required for each project and its scope, from buildings and structures to oil & gas facilities and crime scenes, there are many applications.

Once all fieldwork is complete, we take all the data back to the office and begin the processing & scan registration, which stitches all of the individual scans together, into one unified 3D point cloud.

Once the point cloud is created we can utilize it to create as-built 2D/3D Documents such as CAD drawings, 3D Models in Revit, CAD, Plant3D, and more...